My Log Cabin in Alaska

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Muddling thru, and learning

Someone once said "It's a brave new world".  I am thinking that may be a healthy outlook for current contiditions!  Be positive, not pessimistic, and that has most definately been a struggle for me in the past.  I challenge myself, sometimes setting my bar a little too high, making demands on myself that are just a little too great, and then of course, I become frustrated!  And we all know what happens then!!!

I love to learn new things (and I will definately get this blog thing under control one of these days!) And I have been learning all about this cool industry called Writing!  My Dad, long past, always encouraged me to write, but to write every day.  And in perfect form, just like any rebellious young person who simply knows everything, I didn't!  But when I did it usually sparkled!  Most of my writing assignments for school (and on into college) were done in the wee hours of the morning on the day they were due.  However I always got highest marks and often had my piece read to the whole classroom or even over the loud speaker to the whole school!!!  Yea, sometimes that didn't go over so well either, bullying is NOT a new social issue by a long shot!!!  But, this time, I am going to try to do it right, be professional, and be successful. I have joined a book writers society and been reading their website and the discussion board.  I have obtained a few publications to teach me a few of the ins and outs.  And I will be regularly meeting with other, more experienced professionals, and asking questions!

The older we get the more we know we don't know it all, funny how that works!  I do know that when I was 11 years old and starting a very successful babysitting and yard work business in my neighborhood, I knew everything!  I knew everything about horses and spent many hours (hiding my magazines behind my text books in school) studying and learning more.  If there was something I needed to learn, I would search out the professionals who had the answers.  I was strong and could do a days work with a grown man (yea, paying for that now!)  BUT - the absolute best thing that ever happened in my life was when I shot off my mouth at a riding stable where I loved to spend my extra time!

Bill Booth's Red Mountain Guest Ranch in Mesa, Arizona.  It was just across the street from Fremont Jr Hi School where I went to middle school.  I believed that I had all the answers and that I was the only authority on the subject of training horses, so I gave my opinion to the cowboys sitting around in the tack room!  Bill Booth finally had enough of my mouth, he hoisted himself out of his corner, strode across the tack room, raised his booted foot, and lifted me off the ground and deposited me in a heap behind a saddle rack!  Then he leaned over the top of the saddle and looked at me, all crumpled and shocked on the floor!  I will never forget his words, spoken in a velvety soft, Cowboy manner.  "If you ever learn how to shut your mouth and open your ears, you might have a small chance of learning something!" 

He went back to his seat, and as I un-folded my long legs and crawled out from behind the saddles lined up along the wall, all of the cowboys in the room found interesting things to look at on the ceiling or beside them on the walls.  It was silent as I raised my head, looked straight out the door, and walked slowly out of the room.  When I reached my pony, I untied him as slowly as I could, and with all the dignity I could muster, I slid onto his back and walked him out of the stable yard.  When I was clear of what I knew was the burning eyes of every human and horse on the place, I bawled like a baby and galloped my pony all the way home!!!

I did find out that Bill had full permission to not only provide first aid to me, but to also administer what ever 'training tools' he deemed necissary, since I spent so many hours at the stable!  And I have never forgotton those wise words!  So again, I am going to try to shut my mouth and take notes, thru some of these next few seasons, and just maybe I will learn something good!


  1. I found some pictures in the ASU archive, and wondered what the story behind the Red Mountain guest ranch was. Thanks for sharing. Here is a link to the ASU photo archive.Looks like a beautiful place.

  2. So awesome! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures! And, yes, this place was beautiful.

    These are from Red Mountain Guest Ranch where I used to go horseback riding every Saturday from the winter of '68 until sometime in the early '70's when I got my pony, Midnight. They had guest rooms in the main house and they also had a few bunk houses for rent. They had guided and non-guided trail rides. I used to ride an old sorrel gelding called Sugar Foot.

    Bill Booth's Riding Stable was located closer to Mesa (now deep within city limits) at the back side of Freemont Junior high school. Back then there wasn't a road or even any buildings in the front of the school. The whole place was at least a mile out in the desert. Bill Booth's place has been gone for so many years, I can't even remember when the land was sold and developed.

    Thank you again for posting.

    To read more about the area and life I lived as I remember it, you can read THE BLACK PONY, by Connie Peck. It's a series on Kindle or paperback. (Amazon)