My Log Cabin in Alaska

Friday, August 12, 2011

A year of records and firsts

Wow, it continues to be a year of record heat!  I have left the coldest state to live in Texas in the hottest year on record, hottest and driest since they have been keeping records!  Wow, is it me, or just my dumb luck!  Yea, when we went to Alaska so many years ago it was the beginning of the coldest year on record for that part of the state!  But since my total experience in Alaska was so very good, maybe that is a sign that this will also be good!  "Hot Granny in a Hot State!"

I should not really say that this is firsts, though.  I have done many of these things before.  I have written before, but never in a blog.  I have published before, but never been offered a contract and of course never been paid. And I have had interviews before, even for a long term sub position for high school science!  But I think this time, I may have nailed it!  I do have to work hard at getting my composite teaching certificate for high school science.  So when do I get off my duff and go get the  certificate.  I guess all it takes is money!

I have even built a house before!  So, why do I feel like it is all being done for the first time.  Everything really does feel fresh and new.  I don't know if it is because I feel more confident, or maybe I have grown past that, I am no longer dependant on all of these things!  For now, I do things because I want to, not because I have to.  I find gratification in accomplishing even the tiniest objectives.  I actually find joy in either sitting and doing nothing, or working myself into a froth and total exhaustion!  My goal of the year is to not feel grief or guilt for things done or undone.

For this goal I think I will have to work hard at being true to myself, true to my faith, and true to my calling.  Wow, how come that sounds like a New Year's Resolution!  Maybe because I have always been of the concept "today is the first dayof the rest of your life".  So, tonight, maybe something cold, a comfy chair, and watch the sky for the meteor shower!

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