My Log Cabin in Alaska

Friday, October 7, 2011

A gem from the conference

I love conferences. They are more than R&R, more than workshops, more than both together as you get to hobnob with the smart folk in the area of your interest. A conference is just cool! And this one is no disapointment to say the least. 

Tonight we got to meet the speakers. It was a surprise for them, an introduction, a little thing about them that no one would previously know, and a cute question.  A very young, but very wise young artist touched me with his challenge to us, and I am compelled to share my response.  Laurent Linn, an art director with Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, told us that if there is a place in our worlds, or lives, that makes us uncomfortable or even makes us afraid, that is the place that we need to be.  Face your fears, get beyond them, move forward.

At first I smiled.  Young man, trying to be wise.  Me, I fear nothing!  I rise to any challenge and usually succeed. But I did take an extra moment to reflect deeply, his words deserved that much.  And his words did in fact reach a tender place in my heart (if any of you will believe that there is a tender strand in my old pump!)  It is true that I have moved past my comfort zone so many times and so far and wide that I do not think I even have a comfort zone any more.  I have lived life on the edge most of my life and done things that if I thought my children had tried I would tie them to their beds even now (and I would likely not even tell my mother what scary things I have done like catching rattle snakes as a child) If I even think that I may be afraid of something, that is the thing that I will learn how to do, and then do it. But there is something that is beginning to bring a chill to my heart, and I don't think I like it, no not at all.

In this wild life I have lived I have not been kind to this body and it is beginning to rebel. I hate that. I am growing stiff, stove up, so to speak, and I must admit that I cannot do the things that I was able to do with ease a few years ago. Don't much like that either. And I find that I no longer feel as safe or confident living on the edge, but as I wish to be around for my grandchildren, I find that I must rethink some things.  And I find that the place that I am most uncomfortable with is in the rocking chair on the porch with the knitting needles.  Is this another crossroads for me? 

Naw, not yet, where is the next adventure! Plenty of time to get that knitting done!  O yea, there is another place I am really, truely uncomfortable with and I think I will put it on the back burner for a while too!  Learning this web-stuff!