My Log Cabin in Alaska

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The tricks of the trade

Well, it has been a while since I took the time to sit on the garden bench and ponder. O yes, I ponder and create all sorts of interesting thoughts in my daily routine (if any day of mine can be called routine) But it does me no good to just toss those thoughts into the wind and loose them. So I shall do a bit better at coming in here and trying to shoot my ideas into cyberspace. Maybe I can come back and nibble on them from time to time. (O My I forgot that time is a 4 letter word!)

So, One of my many activities is yarn crafts. I would say crochet, but I do much more than that, I also knit, and I have a few 'toys' that I enjoy making things with. I also sew with a number of different types of sewing machines. I make clothing and quilts and what ever suits my fancy. Of late, I have been doing a bunch of crochetting, yes a bunch. To the point of not even finishing the various projects! I feel soooo guilty! Because some of those projects were for Christmas presents, Last Month! Please forgive me my daughters (and the inlaw daughter as well) Just keep looking in the mail box, maybe I will get them done before next Christmas!

I have also been working on some writing. Children's stories, to be exact. And I plan to make it this time. Been writing most of my life and even sent stuff off to publishers many, many times, but so far only a couple of magazine articles have been put into print. So I am doing all the little things I should to get published the right way. Joined a group, studied the industry, contacted agents and publishers. And I am writing, hmmmm, at least most of the time! And that is what struck me today as I was trying to finish the dishes (no they are still sitting in the sink)

Writing is very similar to my knitting and crochetting. You must know the mechanics, and get it right; a line of stitching is like a line of words, the mistakes can be glaring! You really need a pattern, or at least have an idea of what the product should look like and a plan for getting there. And you really have to know the rules for getting from point start to point finish! Yea, and we all remember those nasty words "Practice makes Perfect" It does take a lot of practice to get something that looks presentable. Editing, erasing, and rewriting. I used to think it was worse than punishment, but I do know that when I am knitting or crochetting and I hold my piece up for inspection I will sometimes notice a missed stitch! So what do I do? Maybe I could just leave it? Maybe no one will notice? Not likely, from the moment I see a mistake, it glares out at me, almost with bells and whistles and a neon light! "Here I am" "What are you going to do with me now!" So I rip (erase) and redo it. Anyone who owns a hook or needle has done the same. So why am I sitting here growling at my word processor and trying not to hit the 'backspace' button?

I guess that the main item that is missing from my list of things that I am doing right in my writing is this: Keep at it, stay on schedule, practice a little every day, dont' be afraid to rip out a line and do it over, take a break and let someone else look at it to find my mistakes.

I think I will go clean the bathroom! Who ever invented that word 're-write' anyway! I want to have a talk with him!