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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At the grindstone

Wow, the news is just crazy today. Viagra for the Brain, this cool new drug that makes a person some sort of super do'er! Work 20 hours a day, get hundreds of cool things done - all at one time - at a top notch quality. Uh --- hello out there --- That's called Motherhood! And it don't take a pill ta get 'er done!

No, it takes elbow grease. Time at the grindstone. That good ol' term, 4 letter word called work.  I worry about folks who think they need to take something to get more done and get it done faster. Seems like a fast track to a mental illness. Remeber all the old movies about folks who are looking for the fountain of youth? What happens the next morning? The poor person either dies or turns into an ancient mummy. Yea, I think I will stick to the old fashioned way.

But, as always, I digress! I was talking about having my nose to the grindstone. I have read three books, taken hubby to the doc four times, canned carrots, and put up a bunch of turkeys (in the freezer) since I was in here last. I am about ready for a vacation. I have also been working daily on some specific skill in my writing - every day. Yea, back to the grindstone. But in baby steps.

I do have a plan:

1. Write some every day
2. Edit and revise only after I have completed a section
3. Loosely follow an outline and organize thoughts in a scratch pad
4. Read, read, read in the genre I am writing
5. Read, read, read for pleasure
6. Write some more
7. Research little factoids important in my story
8. Write a bit and read some good blogs
9. Research agents and the market
10. Go sit in the garden and reflect, then start over

Of course that is on top of the regular work around the place, but it is becoming routine, habit, somewhat easier. Hmmmm it occurs to me that when you lay some garden tool to the grindstone, it works much better. Is that what is happening to me? As my muscles tone up with the yard work, my mind tones up with the writing. My outlook is brighter and even the hubby is happier. Life is good.

As to the grindstone on the Garden Bench, I think my next goal will be to add a new page. Any suggestions here? I am soooooo not comfortable with all the techno gadgets and stuff like that, but since I read this cool new book, I am inspired to start a page dedicated to books, my own and those that I have read. I would like to write a book review, but it will need its own little plot in the garden. And if I just learn a little bit each time, pretty soon this will be easy, too!

And I think in another corner of the garden I may try to figure out how to list some of the wonderful blogs I have been reading. So, with the planning outlined, and the tools lined out, it's back to the grindstone. Time to learn something new.

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