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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Inspiration vs Planning

I should at least try to get in here more than once every six months! When I opened this thing today, they had made all sorts of changes! But I am here and I am going to try to dust some of the cobwebs off the bench, pluck a couple of weeds and maybe arrange a few pretty things in the garden. I know that I have a whole bucket full of tools to use, but it occurs to me that they work better if you know how to use them. I suppose I could just try a few of them and see what happens. If I don't like it I will either run away and hide from this scary laptop, or I will try to dig it up and toss it into the recycle bin!

Now, is that a bit of planning or what! Now that I think of it, I am also a list maker! Yea, I am a planner! NOT. This is not even good inspiration. And I know it. I shudder to think that I may be considered lazy, don't think that one is in my list of descriptors. Not sure that I can think of my self as not wanting to learn something new. I jump with joy at new learning and new concepts. OK, here's me being honest, don't like change! Sure! The person who has moved more times in her life than a Gypsy and brags about being flexible. Well, maybe I just don't like it when someone surprises me with a change, but that is what flexible means isn't it. Is it truth time yet? I hear a tiny voice in the back of my head and I am looking for a flyswatter or the mosquito repellant, but it is still there. Ok (see me peeking out from behind the bench and quivering in my flipflops) I would rather face a room full of spiders, snakes and mice! I really don't like technology. Not comfortable with computers and I am not sure I trust all of this. (Are my many birthdays showing yet?) Here is one of my mantras, maybe it is a crutch, or an excuse: It's not if the computer will crash or get hacked, it is when! And when technology fails, where are we! So that is why I don't get in here much, and it has cost me more than I care to say. But I digress! That is not what I came in here for.......

Planning vs Inspiration.  Which one shall be my guiding light. Which one will carry me to great heights. Face it, I believe in inspiration.

The fire that burns in your soul and will not be quenched until you fan it, feed it, and let it move you. The ideas that come to you in the middle of the night, or during dinner, and you scare everybody in the room as you jump to capture that moment on paper. Or the juicy tidbits that float into your soul while you are so busy with something else that you can do nothing but try to memorize them - and do a horrible job on what you are currently working on while your mind wanders. Then the tidbit slowly dissipates, your current project looks like your youngest grandchild worked on it and you stand there feeling like you just ran a marathon in your brain. Yea, that sort of inspiration. Now that I look at it this way it does not seem very efficient, but where would we be without it. Inspiration. Your muse advising you with that small voice. The words which simply must be divine in nature and origin! Maybe I can instal a switch, turn it on when I am ready to use it, then switch it to 'silent mode' when I need to do other things. ---- Methinks me muse jest stomped off in a huff! ---

Planning! There we go. A nice orderly life, you know exactly what is next and how you are going to do it. Anyone reading this who has ever known me just snorted **** bubbles! I have a theory about the word plan. First of all it is a four letter word! Second, if you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plan! Finally, I don't care what it is, when you lay down a great plan and set out to follow it, someone is going to throw a wrench into it and flub it all up. It's Murphy's Law! Never fails, you know "The Best Laid Plans of Men and Mice Go Oft' Awry!"

So, I am screwed. But, no, I am also stubborn as an old grey mule and I kick twice as hard! I do still have a couple of rusty tools in my own bucket that may be of some use, if I just get them out, clean them up, and actually use them! My favorite: I am a list maker! Now, granted, I have had doctors tell me that it is a characteristic of BiPolar Disorder! (Yea, I'll show him bipolar and stick both ends of that pole where it shouldn't go!) Don't you believe a word they say, they are out to get you! (but don't tell that doc I said that!)

Lists are good, Make a master list of all the big and little projects you would love to get to some day. Don't even prioritize, and make sure there is room at the bottom to add more projects and room at the side to make notes for each project as you think of them. Now, make a list of the things you have to do each day. You can prioritize that one, or jot it down in chronological order. The one major thing on this list is that you have a big slot in there for 'Projects' He-he-he now we got a plan! And I can tell you, it sure is fun to be able to mark stuff off that big list!

So, Here I sit, with a new list, and on my list is "learn how to work that *%!@* blog" Also on my list is "write a thousand words a day". (Cheese-cake) My children will be glad to know that the dishes are also on that list, but they are on the bottom of said list.

You know, I just got a thought, sitting here on the garden bench and looking at my tools. An outline is a great list! I wonder if an outline will help my writing! I don't have to actually prioritize it, just list stuff I want in the story, make room to the side for added notes, and if I use the word processor, I can cut and paste and move stuff around. And that cool little notepad that I keep in my pocket for those moments of inspriation, I will just flip that baby out and add to my outline when I need to. Wow, what an inspriation!

Now to try one of the tools on the top of this particular page! Maybe a picture!
Well, capturing a pic from facebook didn't it, after hours of fighting with a slow computer and trying out all of my other programs, oh yea, spell check on this didn't work so well for me. I Be Tired Now, gonna go someplace else and rest!

I do love my garden bench, next time I will try to learn something else.
Drop a comment if you would like, share your own views on inspiration or planning.
Untill we meet again. Happy gardening in what ever medium moves you!

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