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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Perfect Salad

Last week I made one of my famous noodle and green pea salads in preparation for my daughter's visit. Although she cannot bear the taste of green peas, she loves my salad and I make it often whether she is coming or not. I also prepared turkey drumsticks for the grill, my feeble attempt to create a memorable and nutritious meal for the loving children who would be coming to help me with some work on my little house project.

So my wonderful helpers include of course my daughter, the oldest of my brood, my homemaker, bridge builder, super-mom, girl scout leader, and now part-time-working-out-of-the-home mom. Her hubby, my first son in law, pride of my heart, provider and great father to my granddaughters. And of course the grand daughters, my first. I cannot see them or think of them and not remember the day my daughter, full of trepidation, shyly slipped her store bought pregnancy test from under her coat. She was afraid of what I might say, since she was young and not fully settled. But I already knew in my heart that her chosen life partner and love of her life would be there forever, and all I could think of was….. Well I could not even think for the joy in my heart. I would be a grandmother. And that just about says it all. But the best part is that I get to have that same feeling absolutely every time one of my children presents me with the same news (total so far and all inclusive is 8). And I wanted to make sure I fed these wonderful lives the best way I could!

But as always, I digress, always chasing rabbits, straying from the story line, but you know well, when you prepare a meal for anyone, your mind is on those precious lives.
So what is my special recipe?
  • Salad noodles, the whole regular sized package, cooked according to package directions (when I follow the directions)
  • Most of a jar of salad dressing or mayo, lately I have been using the olive oil or canola oil style and it works pretty good.
  • And a can of peas, well drained, since the hubby loves to drink it cold from the can.
  • Then I add what ever I feel like might taste good that day. I would list those things, but I may run out of room, the template here is only so big you know! I few things may include: (or not)
    • Minced onion
    • Minced celery
    • Mushrooms, brown or white, sliced or chopped
    • Cheese, your choice, cut to your favorite size
    • Pickles, dill or sweet depending on the day
    • Jicama do try to pick a good one, though and cut it up small!
    • Olives, green or black
    • Pimentos
    • Sweet corn nibblets
You get the idea, you put what feels good at the time, then add in the spices you like as well, easy on the salt, heavy on the cilantro or the parsley, dill adds a kick, and you can never have too much garlic or ginger for my darling husband! You can go nuts with the seasonings and not hurt a thing!

If you throw in some cooked chicken or ham or what ever sort of protein you are interested in, you have a full meal. Hey, add what you like, how much you like, it’s your salad!

After a hard day toting heavy lumber to the upper floor of my tiny house project, we sat down to dinner. My daughter took one bite of the salad and just closed her eyes to savor the moment. With her mouth crammed full she announced, “This is home! This takes me back to everything good.”

Now, as a Mom, you gotta admit, that is a compliment. Especially when you take into consideration that I put stuff in that salad that I had never put in before! However - As an adventurer I must add that this is not just my perfect salad recipe, it is my recipe for life. And it is that life that my daughter always remembers. You may have a plan for your day and you may follow it to the best of your ability, but there are times when you need just a bit more of something different. Never be afraid of throwing a new ingredient into your life, add some spice to your routine, and try some new crunchy adventure. Because the treats and treasures that make up those memories are never what was laid down in a concrete plan, but they are the things thrown in because they promised to taste really, really good, just for that day.

Salad may be good for the body, but adventure is good for the soul.

Feel free to click on that little comment button down there and add your own thoughts on salads or adventures! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Wow, beautifully written! I love it, and the salad of course! Its really the only way to eat peas! Its a great salad and one the girls will be making for their children! I love you mom!