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Saturday, October 6, 2012

And So I Write

If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one nearby to hear it, does it still make a sound?

I seem to remember that debate from some class I had years ago, and although I cannot remember most of what was said that day, I remember the way it makes me feel, still today.

If I say a word and my children do not listen to me, have I lost my word? Or did I just not make a sound to begin with? And if I write a word, and no one bothers to read it, does that word even exist?
Well, as time has proven, my words did have a bit of impact. My children grew and prospered. I have succeeded. And so I take hope.

Consider the stars. They are many and they fill the universe as we know it. They are tiny beacons twinkling silently, often unnoticed. But they stand through time and offer themselves, a guide to any lost soul searching for direction. And we learn from the stars. We learn about great distances and how we, our tiny and insignificant selves, possibly came into existence. And we learn about eternity.

As I admire the twinkling of a far distant ball of energy and ponder how many, many eons it may have taken for that pinpoint of light to grace my eyes and fill my heart, I know. My words will not fade. The words I write came from an energy in my mind, sculpted into form by my soul and set free by my voice or pen, and they float into this vast eternity again. One day, my words, like the light of this star, will grace the eyes and possibly guide the soul of another.

And so I write.

Share what motivates you to complete a task when there is very little to encourage you, and we will all be uplifted.

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