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Monday, October 1, 2012

Carving Angels

     A person dear to me is undertaking a noble feat. She is writing a book. And like all of us, she sometimes says mean things to her poor innocent words. Now, I know several people who have written lots of books, long and short. I, myself, have begun that same journey. I will concede; writing a book can be daunting. It may even lead a person to wail, “What ever made me think I could possible do this!”
      Immediately I think of Michelangelo’s Angel carved out of a single block of marble. When asked how he was able to crate such a shape he replied. “I saw the angel in the stone and carved away the excess untill I set it free.”
     So just keep piling up those words. Create that gigantic marble block. And if you think it is difficult and you face days when you don’t think you can haul a single word, just consider how much fun it must have been to move that big rock for Michelangelo.

Then, when your pile is big enough, you can carve away the excess and imperfect parts to finally release your own masterpiece.

O yea, I have several of these dear women in my life, just sayin' :)

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