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Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to write a book in 10 easy steps

I am such a terrible blogger. I have neglected the little garden for so long that the weeds have grown up and I can't even find my way around this place again. But on a happier note, I finished a book. Not just finished writing, but got the thing on the shelf!

Yep, I got it, but not alone. If it takes a village to raise a child it takes half the USA to raise a book. And I used a good portion of the country to get'er done. And I'm pretty jazzed about it, just in case you couldn't tell.

If you are curious, here is my process:

1. Read, read, read, read, get something relaxing to drink, then read a bit more.
2. Collaborate with like minded souls, I joined the Brazos Valley chapter of SCBWI.
3. Find a critique partner or two or three or more, I have done this online and the face to face.
4. Create................ yea, it takes that long.
5. Edit, rewrite, check with your critique group, edit, rewrite, repeat. And go to several workshops.
6. Hire a professional editor.
7. Cry, rewrite, check, rewrite again, and check on that relaxing drink.
8. Hire a professional proofreader.
9. Cry, rewrite, check, head back to the store for more relaxing beverage.
10. Sign up for an account with Create Space and click a couple of buttons.

My final copy in no way shape or form looks the same as it did when I emailed it to my first critique partner, but I sure am happy with it.

For more details on this absolutely wonderful children's horse story, please visit my gallery of books.