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Coloring pages, puzzles, games, and more. How about learning my way of drawing a horse? Would you like to write your own book?

The Black Pony Adventures Activity book follows the first three books in the series.

A full set, three books and the activity book would certainly make a great Christmas gift for the young horse lover in your world.

$35 includes free shipping to US.

Contact me for a signed set.

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The Black Pony
Written and illustrated by Connie Peck
Cover art by Rosemarie Gillen

Published through Create Space under Mrs. Piddles Publishing
June 15, 2013
Books are $10 plus shipping
for a signed copy, contact me
Connie Peck

Available on Amazon and Kindle, reviews on Goodreads

The Black Pony, a series based on the premise that all animals communicate, not just with each other, but with members of other species, including humans. Without discussion, we know this to be true.
Annie is eleven at the beginning of the stories. She has traveled widely which has resulted in her being transferred to many different schools, sometimes more than once in a year. It's rough being the new kid in school so often.

Midnight is a highly skilled playday pony who specializes in the training of young riders. He thinks quite highly of himself and is offended at being left behind by his riders who favor their larger and faster horses. He escapes, but his adventures turn out to be deadly. He has wandered into an alfalfa field and has contracted a case of colic. Without intervention he will die.

When Annie finds Midnight the magic happens. Annie draws from the horsemanship lessons she remembers from her beloved grandfather to nurse the pony back to health and in return she discovers that she not only has 'the touch' but she has a telepathic connection with Midnight.

The adventure begins. The first book, The Black Pony, takes Midnight and Annie to an exciting playday where Annie must find the courage to finish her competition after sustaining an injury.

The second book, Midnight and the Racehorse takes Midnight and Annie to a racehorse farm where they will help a young stallion solve his mysterious pain and fear to once again be able to race.

The third book, Midnight and the Superstition Gold, takes Midnight and Annie on a trail ride into the wild and beautiful Superstition Mountains of Arizona where they fall into a hidden canyon and discover the truth about the Lost Goldmine.

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